This series was created by award winning filmmaker Derek Andre.  The sole purpose of 10 SquareTM is to give little known artists a voice.  I want to introduce them to the community we live in and beyond. Each and every day, we see people at the store, the gas station, in the square and other places around town, but have no idea that they are these super talented beings.   Amazingly, some of these people are struggling every day to make ends meet and they shouldn’t be.   10 Square™ is about giving them a small but effective platform as well as exposure so that people can know who they are and what they do, possibly opening them up to a new fan base and giving them a chance to improve their financial standing.


10 Square™ is completely free for the artist, however, it is not free to produce.  If you would like to donate please click the link below.  Your contribution will help keep the series going as well as growing!! Thanks.  The Official Website for Entertainer Derek Andre.


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