A tough old black man known for his afro, cigarette, big framed glasses, and dread locs. L-A-N-D-O has a rambunctious personality where people look to him for advice, inspiration or expertise in which he obnoxiously delivers with humor. He has been on a mission to make the world a better place while addressing issues on humanity, dignity, dysfunctionalities or whatever the hell comes to mind!

Lando makes pop up visits all over Atlanta! If you see him, take a photo and hashtag #MyNameLando #errbodyknowme for a chance to have your picture featured on his social media pages.

Continue to spread the word and tag 3 people who haven't seen #MyNameLando for a chance to win a FREE Lando t-shirt from Art-O-Graphs!!

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IG: @mynamelando
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Twitter: my_name_lando

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